We must transform the food system to be climate neutral by 2050

We believe that a substantial part of the livestock should be replaced with plant-based food, precision fermentation and stem cell meat to lower the climate impact from food.

The food transition is an enormous challenge for the society and the food industry. We need to bring people together and find new solutions.

What are we

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we do?

ProteinFrontiers is a food biotech company on a mission to create new generations of sustainable, affordable, healthy, and tasty dairy products by precision fermentation using inexpensive substrates from bio-based side streams.


Cascade utilization of side(bio)streams as production media for precision fermentation of milk proteins

This requires as a starting point a comprehensive overview of and knowledge about local side (bio)streams from agriculture, food and industry. For example molasses, vinasse, spent yeast from the brewery/biotech industry, permeate from whey protein production, brown juice from beet tops/grass protein production, potato juice, etc. This knowledge does not exist today and requires a total mapping of availability, quantities, season, delivery as well as a characterization of these regarding nutrient content and possible toxins.

The Network Animal Free Protein – Fermentation Produced Milk Protein is supported by GUDP

"Animal Free Protein – fermentation produced milk protein"

The vision is to create a Danish hub for cellular food production, where we gather Danish competences at the crossroads of biotechnology and food production.

The network will connect the Danish resource base and bridge the gap between research, innovation, production, and the market.

The network's aim is to highlight opportunities and barriers to novel foods based on sustainable production of milk proteins through precision fermentation. 

The network is a pre-competitive forum across sciences, trade associations, businesses, consumers, and authorities. The network will produce a "roadmap" for building a Danish cellular food production with a focus on milk protein. We work throughout the value chain for alternative milk proteins.

BioFerment is supported by BIOSOLUTIONS ZEALAND


We must transform the food system to become climate neutral. A significant part of the livestock must be replaced with protein produced by precision fermentation and cultivated meat to reduce the climate impact from food. It will require new and inexpensive substrates in large quantities.

The project develops methods for up-cycling local agro-industrial biostreams as an affordable and sustainable fermentation substrate for the production of food proteins, e.g. betalactoglobulin. We develop biostreams and production organisms to match.

The partners in the project are:
ProteinFrontiers, 21st. Bio, Nordic Sugar, Aalborg University, Danish Technological Institute


Henrik Soenksen

CEO, MSc Agriculture

Phone: +45 30 66 86 60

Email: soenksen@proteinfrontiers.dk

Mette Lübeck 

R&D, PhD, Associate Professor

Phone: +45 24 47 04 18

Email: mluebeck@proteinfrontiers.dk

Peter Stephensen Lübeck

CSO, PhD Biotechnology

Email: psluebeck@proteinfrontiers.dk

Lasse Solheim

Senior Advisor, MSc Agriculture

Phone: +45 2395 2151

Email: solheim@proteinfrontiers.dk

Niels Kristian Sørensen

R&D, PhD Dairy Science & Technology

Phone: +45 4080 9930

Email: nks@proteinfrontiers.dk